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Battery T6 power EB 1220HL, EB 1220HS, EB 1220RS, EB 1222H, EB 1226HL, EB 1230HL, EB 1230R, EB 1230X, EB 1233X, Ni-MH, 12 V, 2000 mAh

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Capacity:2000 mAh (24 Wh)Dimension:73,09x99,74x89,92 mm
Color:greyWeight:541 g
Voltage:12 VWarranty:14 months
38,37 EUR price incl. VAT


Our battery is fully compatible with following part numbers:
EB 1220HL EB 1220HS EB 1220RS
EB 1222H EB 1226HL EB 1230HL
EB 1230R EB 1230X EB 1233X
Our battery si fully compatible with following models:
C5D Hitachi CD4D Hitachi CL13D Hitachi
DB12DM2 Hitachi DH15D2 Hitachi DH15DV Hitachi
DN12DY Hitachi DN12DYK Hitachi DN12Y Hitachi
DS10DTA Hitachi DS10DVA Hitachi DS12DM Hitachi
DS12DM2 Hitachi DS12DV Hitachi DS12DVB Hitachi
DS12DVB2 Hitachi DS12DVB2KS Hitachi DS12DVF Hitachi
DS12DVF2 Hitachi DS12DVF3 Hitachi DW18D Hitachi
FDS12DVC Hitachi FDV12DV Hitachi FWH12DC2 Hitachi
FWH12DC3 Hitachi FWH12DD Hitachi FWH12DF Hitachi
R9D Hitachi RB18D Hitachi UB12DL Hitachi
UB5D Hitachi WH12DAF Hitachi WH12DAF2 Hitachi
WH12DC Hitachi WH12DM Hitachi WH12DM2 Hitachi
WH12DM2K Hitachi WH12DMR Hitachi WH12DMR2 Hitachi
WP12DA Hitachi WR12DAF Hitachi WR12DAF2 Hitachi
WR12DM Hitachi WR12DM2 Hitachi WR12DMR Hitachi



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